Expert Exterior House Painting

exterior paintWe use products specifically designed for Northwest weather. Newer paint products are fade resistant and most homes should be repainted every 7 – 10 years. Darker colors fade faster. Also darker colors hold heat longer so can wear more in the summer.

Our experienced team provides quality service from the beginning of the job to the end. Each job is different and we adjust our work process based on the needs of the home. It generally takes about 1 week for a typical exterior house job. If previous paint is loose, we scrape, sand and prime before applying paint. If caulking needs replaced, we only use one type of caulking – the best quality elastomeric product rated 45 to 50 years. High quality will stretch with temperature changes and not break or crack.

Protecting the integrity of your home is important so if we find any issues such as gutters, flashing, loose siding, missing nails, dry rot etc that should be taken care of, we always let the homeowner know. We will take pictures and inform the homeowner so they can decide what to do. If issues are minor, we are happy to take care of it ourselves, if it is a larger issue, we have a network of experts we can provide referral for and we’re always happy to coordinate with other construction professionals.

We always take care around the plants and landscaping around your house. When protecting plants, we cover with tarp and not plastic as plastic can damage your plants. We recommend that trees and plantings be at least 2-3 feet away from the house to prevent dry rot and mildew.

You can count on Oren Painting for quality, reliable, guaranteed painting.