When is the best season to paint?

In Oregon, a single day can have sun, rain, snow, hail and almost any mixture.  We are often asked when is a good time to schedule an exterior painting job.  Many people think that the hot days of August are best.  But in fact, bright hot days are not the best as the paint doesn’t have a chance to cure and properly adhere to your siding.

New paint technology has developed to allow painting most of the year.  We are fortunate that our winters are mild, so we can paint your house even in the middle of the winter.

Season Okay to paint? Comments
Fall/Autumn  Green Check Mark Symbol Best day is when cloudy with a light breeze
Winter Green Check Mark Symbol Must be above freezing.
Spring Green Check Mark Symbol Cannot paint when actively raining, but in between rain clouds is perfect.
Summer Green Check Mark Symbol Best if not too hot otherwise the paint will dry too fast.